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Phenominal and cheap

Reviewed: 4 January 2021

Get Lily, you will not regret it. I had other vibrators before but this is the best and exactly what I needed. Lily adds a mind-blowing dimension to the clit and way easier to position.

I have never orgasmed consecutively before (kinda thought it was a myth), but just did on the first use. This is everything I wanted and more - I promise you will never need a man again if you get this.

by Nikki, Verified buyer

Wow Wow Wow !

Reviewed: 12 Jan 2021

I was amazed by the amount of pleasure this little toy can create. The different settings are amazing! My personal favourites are 5 & 7. This is my first toy ever and I’m so happy with my purchase! I’m impressed with Lily and I highly recommend it! This has been a life saver since I’m currently not being intimate with my partner due to issues. This definitely gives me a whole new look on self-love.

by Cassandra S. Verified buyer

Reviewed: 14 Jan 2021

Elza exceeded my expectations. Very easy to use. The texture felt nice. It's good quality. The vibration and sucky sucky is good. Best head I've ever received. It's not loud.

It's something different that you're not expecting from a toy. This version of it that comes with vibration is a big plus.

by Gemma K. Verified buyer

Reviewed: 14 Dec 2020

Lily is the best. I have a toy box full of toys and nothing has taken away my breathe like this before. It's the most earth shattering, fireworks explosions moment I have ever had..... I can't recommend this enough.

by Alexandria H Verified buyer

Reviewed: 14 Dec 2020

Lily is my new favourite. This thing is AMAZING. Also so easy to clean and I love that it’s a rechargeable battery. The quality of the materials is fantastic. So worth the splurge for yourself. I’m glad I did it to try something new.

by Johanna W Verified buyer